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About Us

Sociedad Minera Monte Alto is a company with a long trajectory, which since its begginings has focused on the mining business with an innovative and collaborative approach. This is how today it is the only producer of copper nanoparticles from the region of Coquimbo, Chile. It is is also the driving force behind the Cooperativa de Producción Minera de Manquehua Limitada (COPROMIM).

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Our main products

We are a mining company that incorporates high technology in its processes, in all areas of the mining business, in order to obtain excellent products with high added value.

Gold ore bar - PGM

We obtain gold ore and platinum bars, applying modern technology in our processing plant.

Gold and polymetallic concentrates

Through these processes, flotation and gravimetry, we obtain high-quality gold, copper and platinum concentrates.

Nano minerals

Directly from the mineralized rock we innovate and process to obtain nanoparticles with traceability of origin.


We are pioneers in the manufacture of Nano copper of origin

Copper nanoparticles

Organic copper nanoparticles provide widely proven and effective protection against pathogens, eliminating 99% of viruses and bacteria present on surfaces, including SARS COV2. This property was proven by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in 2008, showing that bacteria, fungi and viruses are killed within hours or minutes on a copper surface. Organic copper nanoparticles can be used in applications for the health industry, paints, cosmetics, electronics, among others. In addition, it is very important to point out that they are very efficient covering a large surface in relation to their volume.
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We develop the mining business, committed to sustainability and enviromental care, contributing to the local economies and communities around us
Mineral extraction

We extract minerals from our mines located in the heart of the Combarbalá commune.

Processing plant

We obtain value-added products in our processing plants, applying technology and caring for the environment.


The smelting unit of our plant allows us to obtain polymetallic bar products with high added value.


We are in charge of the sale and exportation of our products, reaching important markets.

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